Nelson's Tree is a Dark Amber 4.8% with a bitter sweet malty finish.

The name comes from the old ghost stories of Roos hall.

Hodgkins Hop is a 3.6%

session Pale Ale with

a hoppy finish.
The name comes from the wonderful Dorothy Hodgkin whom won a nobel prize.

Hello, we are Sam (to the right) and Adam (to the left) and together we have created Beccles Brew Co. We are childhood friends who have both grown up and spent our entire lives in Beccles. Due to our mutual love for both beer and Beccles we thought we'd merge the two together to create something that we can both be proud of.  We are just two normal men, having some fun and making our dreams come true.  We hope that everyone enjoys the beer as much as we enjoy making them. 


This all started from us having  a conversation about how we couldn't believe that such a great place such as Beccles doesn't have a brewery. Beccles is a great place with even greater people so we decided to take it upon ourselves to start the first Beccles brewery and that is how  BecclesBrewco was born. We are very excited with the feedback and interest we have had so far and we are looking forward to what the future holds. 


The brewery is located in Beccles (obviously) and it's a nano brewery in a renovated garage. The aim has always been to have Beccles at the heart of the branding and that is why all the beers have names related to the area. 

   Leman Drop is a 4.0% hazy
Pale Ale with
a spicy lemon finish.
The name is a play on words of the local high school that we both attended.